We are selling Cocoon tickets exclusively via the bars in Ibiza and we are cooperating with about 60 different bars on the island. Many of these bars are also selling tickets for other clubs. You can normally buy tickets for the following week. From Thursdays on, Cocoon tickets for the following Monday are available all over the island. However, many bars are waiting until Monday to sell the tickets, as they are normally concentrating on one party per night.

With regards to box office sales at the night of the event, we can say that there are – except for August – normally no queues at the entrance, as the people waiting are either guest list entries or Ibicencos with their residencia tickets. According to experience, those guests who have acquired a presale ticket get in first, and guests who pay the full price normally don't have to queue up. However, in August the situation can be slightly different, as we are selling more presale tickets. In combination with the guest list and resident list, this may lead to the fact that we are not able to offer box office tickets on the night of that respective event.


You can't buy VIP tickets – VIPs are selected guests of Amnesia and Cocoon. The only possibility to get access to the VIP area is to book a table for the whole night. At Cocoon parties, the VIP tables are normally sold out about a week prior to the event – so, if you are considering this possibility, you should get in touch with us early enough.

Amnesia – Lost & Found

There is a Lost & Found counter next to the entrance at the right – in the case you have lost anything, this is the place to ask. However, it's better to wait until the peak time is over. The bar staff speaks English, so do some of the doormen.


The best choice, both logistically and regarding the number of rooms available, are the hotels at Playa d'en Bossa. There is also the biggest number of bars with the cheapest tickets. This beach section is mainly frequented by younger people and you are located right next to Space, DC-10 and Ushuaia. Playa d'en Bossa is also the place from where, at 11 p.m., the hourly disco buses are starting. When you buy your ticket at one of these bars after having a beer or a cocktail there, the transfer to the clubs is often included, so you are right in the epicenter of Ibiza nightlife already.

Another popular bus stop in the harbour area for the transfer to Amnesia is the landing pier of the ferries to Formentera. From there, a bus to Amnesia is leaving on a regular basis. Additionally, there is another bus stop at Playa d'en Bossa, across from the Tantra bar.

In the morning, there is a bus from Amnesia to Ibiza city as well as the disco bus operated by the local public transport. Besides that, you can take a taxi or ride with your sober friends. The price for bus transfer is about 2 Euros.


Mountain biking is quite trendy in Ibiza currently. There are many dirt tracks where you can lap through the odorant pine woods and, by the way, see many wonderful places all over the island. Nobody has been lost in Ibiza so far, as the island is not too big, and, at any time, you always get back on the road again. Also riding is an option aside from party tourism.

If you want to keep it relaxed during the daytime, we recommend to book your accommodation within the concept of agricultural tourism, as that is an alternative way to spend holidays in Ibiza. These are mostly old fincas which have still some agricultural areas in use and have been reconstructed as Bed & Breakfast places with 6 to 8 rooms, right in the middle of nature. There's nothing better if you are planning to ride your bike...

That's the nice thing about Ibiza: you can visit the island and say: "Yeah, let's party hard for one week!" or you can move towards the North, direction San Juan, where you can find several so-called Agriturismo hotels. Also located in the North is the beautiful beach of Aguas Blancas. For the sunset, we recommend Benirras in the North West, where you can find Yoga or massage, take Mountain bike tours or go riding...


We recommend especially the Aguas Blancas beach in the North as well as Benirras, where the Sundays have become almost a cult – when the drummers meet for the sunset, it sometimes happens that 1000 to 2000 people are gathering there to chill and listen to the beat of the drums, watch the sunset and the fire-breathers, enjoying a Caipirinha on the beach. There are also some great beaches in the South – the best-known among them being Es Cavallet, Las Salinas, Cala Jondal and Cala d'Hort, all easy to reach.

Renting a car is highly recommended, as only with a car, you can capture the beauty of the whole island. There are many great places, restaurants and a wonderful nature surrounding. If you have time, just take a roundtrip and visit the ancient centre of San Rafael or stop by some nice restaurants in San José. A true dream is Santa Gertrudis with the famous Jamón Serrano Bar. Just park your car and linger through the small town, explore the small boutiques, take a look into the furniture shops and let yourself inspire. In these streets, Ibiza is still exactly as it has been many years before, and how only a few people know it in our days – because Ibiza is more than Eivissa, San Antonio, Playa d'en Bossa and full-on party!


San José, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael... you only have to stroll down the main street and look for the well attended places, because where it's crowded, you will find the best food. And normally, the prices are quite moderate. The quality of the barbecues in Ibiza is fantastic, especially when you take the road towards San Juan – here, you can find between 10 and 15 Ibicencan Barbecue restaurants, where you can order everything, from chicken steak to roasted lamb shoulder, what the traditional Ibicencan cuisine has to offer. The Ibicencos are great meat lovers, by the way.

A very special recommendation is the Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup that is the best dish you can have when it's really hot on the beach. If prepared the homemade way, the Gazpacho tastes simply sensational. You also should try Tapas – a Spanish speciality, small plates with different Spanish starters, from Chorizo to Gambas in Aioli, from baked white mushrooms via pickled Pocarones up to mussels. Just take a bit of everything and enjoy your dinner in a very social and cozy way. Our absolute favourite is the El Destino in San José. The restaurant is under German management and we are regular guests there for more than 12 years now.