Cocoon Ibiza - History

Cocoon Ibiza - History

2014 // 15 Love

Where Cocoon leads others follow and this was never more clear than in 2014. This was 15LOVE. No themes or concepts, been there done that.


15LOVE was aimed squarely at the dancefloor and the people on it. So many were already part of this long adventure and it was time to point the spotlight on them and anyone else who materialised on these magic Mondays
The 15th anniversary of Cocoon Ibiza and a year that had a bit of everything.

Giant screens rotated high above both rooms featuring live footage focusing on the dancefloors and focused on the dancefloors rather than the artists – who were free to deliver a succession of classic performances.

It is hard to pick out the highlights but easy to start with Sven Väth and his monster shows that dominated the year and alternated between the terrace and the main room. Adam Beyer produced something mighty special his first time on the terrace and the year was also punctuated by some fine sets from Luciano trying out his Origins brand. Amazing live sets from Ten Walls amongst others, earth shattering techno at times in the  main room.

15LOVE grew and grew reaching a shuddering climax at closing time. The Monday night was huge enough but who will forget the spectacular after hour at Destino. After days of bad weather the sun came out as did thousands of people to say ciao ciao’s to a whopper of a year. A sea of smiling faces, Sven inspired. It was mighty special.  It was Ibiza as it should be.

2013 // Cocoon

The news is exploding like a meteorite on the nightlife skies: Cocoon Ibiza is flying straight into the 14th Season!


Cocoon Ibiza 2013

Deeply rooted in the party island's happenings, the Frankfurt based gang around Sven Väth will pull out all the stops to bring you a season unlike any other before it.
Cocoon at Amnesia - as simple as this motto may sound, the fusion of Sven Väth's vision and the consistent evolution thereof will turn over a new leaf on Ibiza. The organically grown experience stemming from many party nights and the return to the essence of what's been drawing us to Spain time and again, will be celebrated in an optimised fashion on 17 nights. Above all, tradition commits us to quality and the focus on the essential. A playful interior concept, formed by the unity of architecture, light, video and installation, creates a cosy setting for a musically arresting night. All night long sets by Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos and Loco Dice, never more than two Djs plus one live act on each floor: we want to emphasise the artist's work. Alongside the leading artists Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos, you'll find in Amnesia all the thriving protagonists of the international techno and house scene: handpicked and recruited from the Cocoon familiy.

Welcome to the dancefloor in Ibiza's most ecstatic boiling pot, when unique moments will lead to blissful happiness!

2012 // Cocoon Heroes - Into the Magic

The magic of the White Island, the effect of the sun and the stars, the unique location in the Mediterranean Sea and the isle's infamous stories – this is what has always made Ibiza so exceptionally attractive. Long before the Spanish and the British launched the European Acid and House movement, Ibiza had already radiated this very special magic. The former pirates' island, the later hippie heartland, the island for artists, painters, musicians and writers – they all felt the spirit of freedom here, the magic of the sun and the stars.


Cocoon Heroes 2012 - Into the Magic


For this reason and more besides, Sven Väth decided 13 years ago that Cocoon would be part of this; the idea and the music Cocoon stands for are meant to be created for this magical place, which is meanwhile the epicentre of the international club scene, year after year. Cocoon is Ibiza and Ibiza is Cocoon. The magic, the electrifying atmosphere, the heat of the night – this is, in our dynamic times, one of the few possibilities to stop the clock, to feel the universe, to forget the monotony of everyday life and to leave it all behind. It's the power of the island and the "spirit of cocoon" in the year 2012 – that year when we step into the age of Aquarius, it's the turn of eras, it is spirituality and transcendence.


The age of Aquarius is the era of consciousness, the era of experience. Let us take you into the year of the magic, to the island of magic and dive into the magical night.

Cocoon Heroes 2012: INTO THE MAGIC!

2011 // Cocoon Heroes

News Island of Heroes, Heroes of the Night!

The musical revolution that we sparked off more than a decade ago is reaching its next stage! Ten years full of magic, island feeling, summer vibes and countless magical nights and sunsets. We have been able to experience and share all this with you, but the most important thing is: All this was only possible because of your support and, above all, your energy! A simple 'Thank you' is not enough in this case, and that's why we have dedicated this upcoming season to you, as you are our true Heroes of the Night! Not only have you been part of the nights, you have truly left your mark upon them! And that's why not only our staff, the photographers, the dancers and stylists, the graphic artists and DJs are the focus of attention, but also you, our party guests!

Cocoon Heroes 2011


Musically speaking, we have again invited new heroes to the island. The Cocoon stars of the last few years will of course be leading the way with Sven Väth performing thirteen gigs, Ricardo Villalobos, seven and Loco Dice with six performances, but alongside this we will be presenting – believe it or not – eleven "new" artists: We are looking forward to the Cocoon Ibiza debuts of Pulshar, Pan-Pot, Maetrik and Christian Burkhardt (all of them playing live!).

Shooting stars from the likes of Nina Kraviz or Detroit wunderkind Kyle Hall will be celebrating their 'first time' at Cocoon Ibiza, as well as many of our current favourites, for instance Matt John, DJ Koze, Jamie Jones or Dan Ghenacia. And with Stacey Pullen, we were not only able to get just an outstanding Detroit Techno DJ, but also of one of our true heroes from past times – one who has influenced our music right from the beginning and who is having a sensational comeback now!

Minus mastermind and Techno hero Richie Hawtin is rigging up his legendary setup four times, and with Adam Beyer and Josh Wink, we have two more big House and Techno names on board. We were able to get Marco Carola for five performances this season.


On top of this we are very proud to have Carl Craig, the remix grandmaster and Detroit House hero par excellence joining us, adding to a top-class line up that will cause quite a stir.

As if that were not enough: Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts and Martin Buttrich will be presenting their current live sets and, of course, many of the Cocoon artists will be present, too. This year, we have Cassy, Jacek Sienkewicz (live), Dinky, Ilario Alicante, Sascha Dive, Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann and André Galluzzi. Frank Lorber, Markus Fix, C-Rock, Roman Flügel and Dorian Paic are coming from Frankfurt and the most extensive line up in the history of Cocoon Ibiza is completed by Guti, Livio & Roby, Raresh and Zip from Berlin. With this concentrated musical power, every date is going to be a highlight and we are looking forward to many unforgettable nights and sunrises again!


"We can be heroes
 just for one day.

we can be us
 just for one day"

(David Bowie)

2010 // Party Animals

The party of our life, the summer of our life (again) and all our favourite animals! ?
Heat, sun, burning air, wet skin, driving beats, hysteria meets glamour, never-ending nights, never-ending sounds and frequencies that touch us and drive us crazy and never let you go. You feel the longing, like a wild animal in the dark night – out, out, you must get out, odours, skin, sweat, we are the heart of the night, the world turns around you, around us, and we turn around you all! We are the party, everybody is a part of one another. Like a pride of wild lions, always moving, always watching and always searching! I take you for a ride, follow me, let the party begin! But take care, it'll be louder, wilder and hotter than ever before! Avoid the blazing sun and keep an eye on the oasis!


Cocoon Ibiza 2010 // Photoshooting


The madness continued, Cocoon Ibiza was wilder and more extreme than ever before! Sven Väth and the Cocoon Ibiza residents Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Marco Carola are exclusively at Cocoon's! With his Minus crew, Richie Hawtin was again part of the Cocoon almanac, and Desolat as well as Cécille are two of the hottest labels you can book for a night at the moment. Besides many familiar Cocoon residents of the last years, we were happy to welcome Carl Craig, Seth Troxler, Sascha Dive, Pantha Du Prince, Tini and Ilario Alicante at Amnesia for the first time. Live acts were provided by the two high-flyers Guti and Egbert as well as from Kollektiv Turmstraße from Connaisseur Recordings. And beyond the music the decor and visuals for the club will be handled Reach Visuals who created something mindblowing for this summer season.

The eleventh season was something very special for us, after having completed the first decade of Cocoon in Ibiza. We were not looking back at what we have achieved and experienced, but forward into the future.
Step by step we have created something magical from which to continue to grow and develop. Stagnancy would mean regression here. At the Cocoon parties, many young and innovative artists have the chance to meet the established names that belong to the best we have to offer in electronic music. Cocoon Ibiza doesn't see itself solely as a party institution, we are also aware of the cultural mission we are committed to. We have been fortunate to have some of the best local DJ talent grace the booth at Cocoon Ibiza and we are committed to working further with local DJ’s to further cement the bond between the night we love and the island that makes it possible.


Cocoon Ibiza 2010 // Party Animals


In this spirit: out of the cage, wilder, freer and more extreme than ever before! Party Animals, the name said it all: Grrrrrr!

2009 // Ten Years Cocoon Ibiza

The story of Sven Väth, Cocoon and especially Ibiza has been told in so many ways and so many times over the last few years, with interviews, press releases, party reviews, bulletin boards and much more which does not actually leave much room for additions. Cocoon Ibiza is, and remains, one of the cornerstones of the Ibizan party universe that is calling out for the island's invasion every summer. The fact that we were approaching our tenth year was not something that anybody would honestly have imagined after the first very hard years.  So the tenth year was a year for us to say thank you!
First of all, our very special thanks go to our guests, who have constantly supported us from the beginning and to the many artists who have performed for us. Above all, we have to mention Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin here – Sven expressed his confidence in them very early on, which proved once more his unique intuition for music and club culture in general. Every other Cocoon resident and guest DJs has succeeded in redefining the island's sound over the last ten years. House and Techno in their present form would certainly be understood in a different way without Cocoon in Ibiza. As well as the musical artistes our performance acts have had a special position within Cocoon events from the beginning. Names like the Freaks from London or Rosalind "Rose" Bee, as well as Cocoon's very own performances stand for a new quality, which we improve on each year. For the big anniversary, we were more than happy to announce the guest performance of American burlesque icon Dita von Teese in this year's season.


Cocoon Ibiza 2009 // Photoshooting


Last but not least, we have to say thank you to Amnesia Ibiza, of course – still one of the best clubs in the world and the perfect place for the Cocoon nights on Mondays. With its new terrace, Amnesia has shifted up a gear again last year and thus created two magnificent floors, which are unique on the island.

That year, the uncompromising musical path that Cocoon has stood for over the last ten years was, of course, continued and even refined. With Reboot from Offenbach, Federico Molinari from the  Frankfurt-based label "Oslo", Livio & Roby from Romania, British Tech House superstar Radio Slave, German shooting star Nick Curly plus the French Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts and the Chilean Jose Luis Ordenes a.k.a Umho, we were happy to welcome several exemplary new acts that stand for the current development of House and Techno. Among these newcomers, the live set of Joris Voorn represented a very special highlight.  Cocoon head Sven Väth was hosting the Cocoon night – believe it or not – 13 times this year and many of our residents from past years were behind the decks again. Loco Dice was to play five times, one with his long-time production partner Martin Buttrich; Richie Hawtin was our guest three times and hosted a special Minus night with Magda, Barem and Gaiser Live. Marco Carola can't be left out of course and was playing twice. Ricardo Villalobos played the decisive role on the Amnesia terrace with seven performances of his unique magical sound – among others, he had booked Chicago House legend DJ Sneak.


Cocoon Ibiza 2009 // Ten Years Cocoon Ibiza


Besides the well-known Cocoon and CocoonClub artists André Galluzzi, C-Rock, Chris Tietjen, Frank Lorber, Karotte and Tobi Neumann, we welcomed Markus Fix and Cassy, two new entrants to Cocoon Artist Booking, and with Dorian Paic, Dubfire, Josh Wink, Luciano, Matthias Kaden, Onur Özer, Raresh, Tiefschwarz, Vera and Zip, all the friends of Cocoon were on the White Island again – not to miss our two Ibiza residents Arian and MarT from Amnesia.
So, the craziness continued and we were celebrating together our tenth year on the mystic sun island – a very special year and a magic doubling of jubilees! While Cocoon Ibiza revealed its 10th birthday, the CocoonClub Frankfurt entered its 5th year! After the long, hard and grey winter, we were looking forward to what became an outstanding summer: 10 Years of Cocoon Ibiza – the party continues!

2008 // Disco Invaders

It was the year 2008, and what once was called Science Fiction had now arrived in the present. Everybody is using an adequate communicator, controlling and storing half his life, and music is more and more becoming a very important part of it. The songs that help us forget our daily routine are the soundtrack of our lives, meanwhile covering the whole world. Cosmic Electronic Grooves from planet Minimal Techno Funk – and each summer, Ibiza is the capital of this planet and Sven Väth is its galactic commander! The Amnesia pyramid continued sending out its signal, and the signal said: "Disco Invasion"! We were following this signal and travelled all the way through the Techno universe, in order to bring you the revolution: the Disco Invasion, that blends everything together and leaves behind old categories. 'The sky is the limit' on planet Minimal Techno Funk, Ibiza is our International Spaceport and Sven gives us the command for take-off!


Cocoon Ibiza 2008 // Photoshooting


Cocoon Ibiza is an absolutely unique story of success, and was approaching its tenth anniversary with rapid strides. But neither the long-time duration of the Cocoon Summer Residency nor its constantly growing support are the true indicators of success – it's the musical content and the high artistic values of the campaigns that have been and still are unrivalled on the island, regarding continuity and consequence. Where chumming-up mainstream has replaced the Balearic Beats over the last years, Cocoon was able to give a totally new musical impulse to the island and has also significantly influenced many competitors. The latest strike in this constantly developing Cocoon universe does now unite the euphoria of the late Disco and Funk era and current Techno and House tendencies, and thus heralds a new stage of contemporary music.
The matching frequencies and sounds were delivered by the three Cosmic Groove Commanders Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin, supported by the Electronic Funk Armada around Loco Dice, Luciano, André Galluzzi, Steve Bug, Marco Carola and Pig&Dan. Also, Miss Magda and the brothers Tiefschwarz were on board again, and Frankfurt support came this year from Frank Lorber, C-Rock, Dorian Paic and our most beloved space vegetable: Cosmic Karotte!


Cocoon Ibiza 2008 // Disco Invaders


Similarly to the past Ibiza orbits, the Cosmic Dance Department was again taking care for the newcomer space pilots of the last years: Raresh and Chris Tietjen were with us – and this year's new cadets on the Cocoon Spaceship were Reboot, Johnny D, Danny Fiddo, Matt Star, Mathias Kaden as well as Berlin-based Cassy and Vakant shooting star Tolga Fidan.
In the summer of 2008, live consoles were operated by Minilogue, Gaiser, Extrawelt, Heartthrob, Dandy Jack, Melchior Productions, Barem and Guy Gerber; but also the Ibiza veterans from our friendly star alliance Alter Ego were at the controls on the command bridge and had a significant influence on the course.
Cosmic Dance is here to stay!

2007 // Freakshow

Eight years of Cocoon in Ibiza! Eight years of Cocoon style Monday madness. Back in the summer of 1999, we would have never considered this would carry on for eight years. The number Eight as a date is perfect for our Cocoon events at Amnesia. We manage to excite both our long-term fans as well as Cocoon newbies again and again. Just like the number eight, we are doing the rounds and serve an excellent club meal on the two Amnesia floors - which is unequalled worldwide. The infinity symbol of the figure 8 represents a deep emotion with which we ’freaks’ can identify, of course. We are also living this endless passion and render homage to the rituals we have established over the years. Freaks like us are people who have dedicated themselves so deeply to their passion and live it to such an extent that they want to pass it on to others and want them to be part of this eternal fascination. For decades Ibiza and its party culture has captivated thousands. Since the early seventies, art fans and music lovers from all over the world have met here to worship the sun and celebrate the night. They have all been here: ageing hippies, psy-rockers, reggae musicians and of course the disco freaks and pilgrims of electronic dance music who are searching for acid house, techno and balearic beats; Ibiza has become the capital of the United Nation Of Freaks!


Cocoon Ibiza 2007 // Freakshow // Photoshooting


Looking back over the past successful seasons, we have thought of something special. Having developed our very own style throughout the years - like no other party on the island – we laid claim to one of the hottest spots in Ibiza! It was now time to take care for some of our offspring among the freaks! So, in the eighth season, we had our own freaks slipping out of the cocoons to surprise you with larger-than-life masks and costumes; in order to make the absolute freak show perfect. Also, musically, we consistently followed our path and, besides Über-Freak and Cocoon head Sven Väth, presented the Freakmasters Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice throughout the summer. New in the team were Thomas Melchior and Gabriel Ananda / Dominik Eulberg, both of them live! Likewise for their debut on the island, we had Lawrence and the Live Acts of Martin Buttrich, Guy Gerber and Jacek Sienkiewicz. Alongside James Holden, André Galluzzi, Miss Kittin, Luciano, Roman Flügel and Tobi Neumann, the next freak generation was represented by Chris Tietjen and Raresh. From CocoonClub Frankfurt, we brought you the two residents C-Rock and Karotte, and back at the decks were freak chefs Steve Bug, Magda, Tiefschwarz, Pascal FEOS, Frank Lorber, False aka Matthew Dear live, Gaiser live, Önur Özer, Arian and MarT.


Cocoon Ibiza 2007 // Freakshow


2006 // Wildlife 2 - Craziness Continues

After having experienced the euphoria at the 2005 Grand Opening Party, we already had a slight impression of what was still to come within the sixth season. However, what followed was totally beyond our imagination. So far, Wildlife was the most appropriate motto and described only vaguely the incredible atmosphere of this summer. Every Monday topped the previous one, the nights became more and more intense until a level was reached at the Amnesia which could not be beaten. That was what we thought. Until the Closing Party. Unbelievable... especially the atmosphere of the last four hours which followed the curfew and the ice-cold parking lot intermezzo. Those have been the most emotional moments of the whole season. Even the Amnesia employees hadn't seen something like that within thirteen years: "¡Increíble!".

Not without good reason did Sven finish the Closing Party with the perfect record "Just another Manic Monday". Wildlife 2005 has set new standards, and you have been part of this all – this was obvious in your styling an make up, which fitted perfectly to the motto. And this is where we continued in our Seventh Season: Wildlife 2 – Craziness continues. And that is all we could say about what expected you on every Monday within fourteen weeks. We went on from last year's motto – however, not without presenting new highlights. In Season 7, we presented no less than five international top Live Acts: Mathew Jonson, Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil, Matthew Dear and Pier Bucci.


Cocoon Ibiza 2006 // Wildlife 2 - Craziness Continues


Again, Sven played ten times on the Main Floor – two times of that all night long, only accompanied by a Live Act. Ricardo Villalobos hosted his desired partners on the terrace six times, once within an insane "Back2Back" with Richie Hawtin! And with the first Minus Night in Ibiza, the latter delivered a guaranteed highlight of this season. Also Cocoon Recordings presented an own night at the Amnesia for the first time ever, having Frank Lorber, Loco Dice, German shooting star Oliver Koletzki, the Mallorca locals Pig&Dan and Cocoon newcomer Chris Tietjen rocked the house. Berlin's guarantee for wasted nights has a name: André Galluzzi. He completed the four "Leader of the Pack" of the Seventh Season. From Frankfurt, we had of course Toni Rios, Dorian Paic, Meat, C-Rock and Pascal FEOS, who had a tour stop of his "Synaptic" album tour at Amnesia. More climaxes expected us in the shape of Tiefschwarz brothers Basti and Ali, Dominik Eulberg and the Offenbach Playhouse gang round Roman Flügel and Ata Macias. Miss Kittin and Steve Bug were already well-known from earlier seasons, and Tobi Neumann and Luciano drove the terrace totally crazy this summer. For the first time, we had Onur Özer from the Berlin-based Label Vakant, the "Rej" producers Âme as well as Karotte.

Of course, we had again a unique look and breathtaking dancers, among them the "Dream and Dare" performers of CocoonClub Frankfurt. So, there were more than enough surprises during the summer!

2005 // Wild Life

Wild Life – Thanks a lot to all who have made the Sixth Season what it was: fourteen great events, where one highlight followed the next! After we started the Sixth Season with a magnificent Opening Party, including a special 10-hours-after hour set by Sven Väth at the beach, Miss Kittin, Layo & Bushwacka as well as Roman Flügel and Steve Bug were the first to make the Anmesia shake. What followed in August was absolutely unbelievable! Never before have so many party people been on the island at the same time, and never before did we have such a mixed crowd at the Cocoon parties. Clubbing on the highest level!



Cocoon Ibiza 2005


The energy that has been released at the two September events could be felt physically and is really hard to describe – you have to experience it yourself – WILD LIFE!!!

Sven was leading the hordes of the savages for ten times (record!) and then, during the summer, passed the tribal sceptor to his friends Ricardo (6x), Richie (4x) and Miss Kittin (3x).

Besides grandmasters from the likes of Hell, Frank Lorber, Toni Rios, Tobi Neumann, André Galluzzi, Steve Bug, Luciano, Michael Mayer, Ata and Pascal FEOS, Cocoon hijacked some more savages from the urban jungle and brought them to the ibizenkian thicket: Roman Flügel proved his qualities as a DJ before returning for the Closing Party with Alter Ego. Dominik Eulberg, James Holden, Wighnomy Brothers, Ivan Smagghe and Tiefschwarz passed the fire of the tribe rituals of every Monday to the crowd.

With Tania Vulcano, Loco Dice, Arian 911, MarT alongside with Dorian, Meat and C-Rock, the Ibizenkian and Frankfurt tribes met on the terrace and created the Cocoon Sound of the summer 2005 together with the savages on the main floor. For visual madness, we had once more teamed up with the Shamans of Object Arts, Mike Schaaf from Wiesbaden and Skudi Optix from Berlin. A strong season needed strong partners - this year, we were glad to welcome Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile in the circle of the savages.

Just as everybody slowly approached the final climax, the Ibizan authorities delighted us with a special surprise: as of now, all clubs have to close at 6 a.m. The Amnesia club – similarly surprised as we were – suggested us to close at 6 a.m. and re-open at 8 a.m. Of course, some guests were annoyed by this procedure, but when the music started, nobody knew at that point that now the best 4 hours of the party had started – it was simply madness! Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano played a 3-DJs-ping-pong set that the world has never seen before, and which was definitely one of the best sets that have ever been played at a Cocoon party.
We want to thank the whole Amnesia staff, the countless hands and supporters that have helped us during the whole season, all the DJs, Live Acts, performers, dancers, the décor team, the promotion team, the door staff, Martin for the brilliant sound and all who gave us the possibility to party on after the Amnesia had closed!