How do I pay on the Festival site?

In order to minimize the queue time at the F&B stands and to relieve the F&B staff a bit, we are continuing the noncash payment system with the GeldKarte introduced last year. If your girocard/EC card has the GeldKarte logo printed on (that's the case in 9 of 10 times), you can charge money on your GeldKarte chip at any cash machine at any bank. This is recommended in order to save time at the Green & Blue festival. If you don't have a girocard/EC card with the GeldKarte chip, you can lease one at the festival (10 EUR deposit). Charging the card is free at the Green & Blue open air.

One significant advantage for you is that the remaining credit on your card can be returned to your bank account at the cash machine of your bank at the push of a button. So, you don't lose money and only pay for what you really purchase.

During the payment procedure with GeldKarte, no data from the card is been saved, and no signature or PIN number is required.


Cashless payment at Green & Blue 2011


More info on the GeldKarte can be found here:


I don't have a GeldKarte chip on my girocard. How can I pay at Green & Blue open air?

No problem. You can buy a account-free GeldKarte at the GeldKarte shop. The best is to order the GeldKarte already charged, because the account-free GeldKarte cannot be charged at a cash machine, only cash at the festival site or online with a chip card reader.
Besides that, we have a number of cards for lease ready at the charging stations (deposit 10 EUR).

Can I pay the ticket at the entrance cash or do I need a GeldKarte?

The tickets can be purchased cash. Inside the location, only payment via GeldKarte is possible.

Are there lockers on site?

Lockers will be provided by a service provider called CarDeRobe. You can even reserve your locker in advance! Please click here in order to find out how (german language only).  

There is a problem with my presale ticket – who is in charge?

No problem, we are happy to help you.
If you have purchased your ticket via x-tix, you can call there on weekdays at usual office hours until 6 p.m.: 0049 621 43741021. You can also send an e-mail explaining your problem to info@x-tix.com and get a call back.
ADticket also offers a hotline, 24/7: 0049 180 5040300 (0,14 €/minute, max. 0,42 € from mobile)

Can I bring an umbrella?

It is possible to bring small pocket umbrellas, e.g. Knirps. As bigger umbrellas can be used as a weapon, those are not allowed on site.

Can I change the print@home tickets into hardtickets?

No, this is not possible, as we haven't printed hardtickets this year.

What if it's raining?

We will continue dancing, of course! We have a sufficient number of rain capes ready for you.

Can I use means of public transport with my Green & Blue ticket?

Yes, all means of public transport in the following areas are free of charge for Green & Blue ticket holders on the day of the event until the end of service:

RMV (www.rmv.de) - Rhein-Main area
VGF (www.vgf-ffm.de) - Frankfurt city transport
VRN (www.vrn.de) - Mannheim area transport

Can I take my camera inside the venue?

Only mobile phone cameras and small digital cameras for private use are allowed; video cameras are forbidden.

Is camping allowed at the venue?

No, due to organisational reasons, camping is not allowed at the Green & Blue open air.

Are there special arrangements for handicapped people?

The venue is handicapped accessible and there is reserved space for wheelchairs.

Is there the possibility to re-enter the venue after having left?

No, due to organisational reasons, re-entry is not possible.

Are there any age restrictions?

The access to the Green & Blue Open Air is only allowed for people who are 18 years and older.

When does the event start and when does it end?

Doors open at 10 a.m., the music ends at 10.15 p.m. The After Hour at cocoonclub Frankfurt starts immediately after the open air.

What is the exact address of the venue?

Badstrasse 3, 63179 Obertshausen

How much is the entrance fee for the After Hour at cocoonclub?

The entrance fee for the After Hour is included in the entrance fee for the Green & Blue. For guests without a Green & Blue ticket who only want to attend the After Hour, the entrance fee is 10,- Euros.

How do I get from the venue to the cocoonclub after the event?

You take the S-Bahn Line S1 direction Wiesbaden, which is running from Obertshausen train station and get off at Frankfurt/Ostendstraße. From there, you take the Tram Line 11 direction Fechenheim/Schießhüttenstraße and get off at the stop Dieselstraße. Then walk down the Dieselstraße, which takes a slight turn to the left and becomes the Carl-Benz-Straße. The Cocoonclub is located in the U.F.O. building straight on.

Can I take drinks to the festival area?

Drinks not purchased at the event are not allowed in the whole festival area.

Can I buy day tickets at the box office of the event?

Yes, tickets are also sold at the box office outside the entrance of the venue.

Can I buy food at the venue?

Yes, we have several food stands at the venue, where we offer a great variety of healthy food. Where possible, we consider local suppliers here.

How does Green & Blue handle the issue of an environmentally friendly event?

We live in a society in which the care about environmental issues fortunately became a very important topic again.

On the date of the event, we are not only responsible for you but also for our environment, so we are keeping the measures we have already taken in the past years:

- Catering: Newly purchased cups are Bioware products, which are fully compostable. The same applies to cutlery and plates.

- Our deposit system creates less waste

- We operate active waste separation, especially for glass and paper

- The bus and rail cooperation with RMV and VRN saves a large amount of gasoline and CO2

- We will donate 1,- Euro of the parking fee for every parked vehicle to Greenpeace

- Material, stage equipment and crew travel short distances to and from the event

Can I buy the new Green & Blue Mix-CD at the venue?

Yes, the new Green & Blue Mix-CD will be available at the Cocoon Merchandise booth.

Lost & Found?

There is no Lost & Found office at the venue. In case of losses, please send an e-mail with all necessary information to info@cocoon.net and we will take care.

Where can I find the toilets?

There is a sufficient number of port-a-potties at the venue.

Can I take my dog or other pets?

All kinds of animals are forbidden at the venue, except police dogs and guide dogs for handicapped people.


In the case that you are travelling with your car, we have sufficient parking space for several thousand cars. The parking fee is 5 Euros per vehicle, as usual, this includes a 1 Euro donation to Greenpeace.