Green & Blue History

Green & Blue History

Green & Blue 2011

We are back again!

Back at the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen, where we originally started and we could offer you a great line up again: Carl Craig, the remix wizard played one of his very rare live sets in Germany. With Frank Lorber and Karotte, we had two DJs that are well-known for a real good party, but we had of course also some new artists who never played at Green & Blue before. Christian Burkardt made a lot of noise in the world with his release "Stopover Goa" on Cocoon and the three fine young guys from Arpiar, who call themselves RPR Sound, are definitely one of the hottest DJ teams currently. The line up was completed by Chris Tietjen & Markus Fix and Sascha Dive, who already proved their extraordinary musical talent at several Cocoon parties.


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Green & Blue 2010

Probably the most beautiful and renowned open air with electronic music in the Rhein Main area returned to its (water-) roots and finally, with the new Location Waldsee Langen, again offered the possibility of taking a refreshing swim in the lake after all the hot dancing action.
The Waldsee Langen is well-known all over Germany for hosting the swim contest of the annual Ironman Triathlon and is a perfect location for the last big event of the summer, which meanwhile attracts more than 10,000 guests. Almost 300 metres of sandy beach, located within a wonderful little forest, invited to bathe, chill and enjoy yourself.
And 'enjoying' is exactly the right cue, because besides the familiar fine selection of food and drinks, we again offered something for the ears, of course: on the Green Floor, we had Sven Väth, Joris Voorn live, Kollektiv Turmstraþe live and the Frenchman Michel Cleis behind the decks, on the Blue Floor Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, Guy Gerber live, Karotte, Johannes Heil live and Chris Tietjen made the ground shake.


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Sven Väth says Thank You GREEN & BLUE people!


Green & Blue 2009

At the beginning of the year, there was not too much news coming from the Cocoon Office, the Green & Blue Myspace page was hardly updated and the first rumours came up that there would be no Green & Blue at all this year. However, behind the scenes was a lot of activity to find a new location, as the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen will be demolished and is no longer available for the event.

Green & Blue (voted Best Event 2008 by the readers of Groove Magazine) took place also in 2009, and it even stayed in Obertshausen. We discovered a location for the 6th September 2009 that did not only fulfil our requirements but exceeded them. We had much more space for our guests, the dancefloors are surrounded by trees and there was even the possibility for a third (!) floor! So, the number of artists performing on this day rose to 14 artists.

Besides Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos - headliner at Green & Blue from the very beginning on and well-known to all - there were Jacek Sienkiewicz, Radio Slave, Matt Tolfrey, Reboot, Marco Carola, Swayzak, Cassy, Tobi Neumann vs. Onur Özer aka Sensitiva, SIS live, Chris Tietjen, Motorcitysoul and Alex Azary behind the decks.


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Report by Nightlive4x (german) (part 2 of 2)


Green & Blue 2008

After five remarkable years of the Green & Blue, on September 7th 2008 it will tentatively be the last time that we transform a late summer Sunday in Obertshausen into a holiday. Several areas and buildings have been sold and as a result from that, the site was reconstructed. This reconstruction made it impossible to continue with events there, and one of the most popular open airs in the Rhein Main area had to look for a new venue already in the planning period.

Besides our headliners and guarantors of everlasting happiness on all faces, Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos, we presented new acts which so far did not have the chance to create the magic atmosphere of Green & Blue: One of the premieres was a live set by Extrawelt who exclusively performed songs from their debut album on Cocoon Recordings. Onur Özer from Turkey and Romania's finest techno export Raresh should be familiar names from the last Cocoon Compilation G or the Freak Show Pre-Season-Mix-CD from last year's Ibiza season, where both proved that they have earned their place in the premier league of producers and DJs.

On the Blue Floor, hosted by Ricardo, he will welcome another special guest with Tolga Fidan, who is featured on the current Cocoon Compilation H. With the oriental sounds of the Tanbulistan-EP he has done magic to Sven Väth and grabbed attention by many other DJs. Last but not least, the party warhorses Loco Dice and Tobi Neumann will show off what's hot on this summer's party floors and will for sure cause mayhem on the dancefloor. And with Chris Tietjen, the next generation is again represented - by the way: he's responsible for the current Cocoon Pre-Season-Mix-CD "Disco Invaders" together with Reboot and Johnny D.


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Green & Blue 2007

In this anniversary year, Cocoon celebrated the fifth edition of the meanwhile most popular event in the relevant magazines with the only live performance of Alter Ego in 2007. Thus, the promoters were able to present a true highlight of the festival summer at Green & Blue.

The two producers from Frankfurt are working on their new album "Why not!?" in this year, and took a day off especially for their Green & Blue performance. Besides headliner and Cocoon head Sven Väth, the two Green & Blue veterans Andre Galluzzi and Chris Tietjen were playing on the Green Floor. On the Blue Floor, we had Ricardo Villalobos and Josh Wink playing, supported by the magnificent Wighnomy Brothers from Jena and the Romanian DJ Raresh, who had his international breakthrough in that year.

As a very special highlight, the Israeli shooting star Guy Gerber presented the tracks of his album "Late Bloomers", which was released in April, in his live set.


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Green & Blue 2006

The year 2006 brought a high-end Green & Blue line up, as it featured the most important DJs and producers of the year: besides Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Dominik Eulberg, the Wighnomy Brothers, Ame and Chris Tietjen, Cocoon presented three top-class live acts for the first time: Mathew Jonson, Pier Bucci and Renato Figoli.

Like in the two years before, the dancers and performers of the "Dream & Dare" company from the cocoonclub Frankfurt are part of the event, as well as the fire juggling artists of the "Firedancers" and the obligatory laser show. The final of the day is celebrated by large fireworks.


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Green & Blue 2005

On September, 4th and for the third time, the lawns of the Waldschwimmbads Obertshausen turned into one of Germany's most beautiful open air areas, as Cocoon asked for a dance.

On the Green Floor, newcomer Chris Tietjen commenced the day at 10 a.m. before James Holden stepped behind the decks, one of the most important contemporary producers. After that, Der Dritte Raum play an extended live set and made the meadows quake. This laid the ground for Sven Väth, who delivered his personal musical view of the summer from 3.30 p.m. on. Sven is again the 'Roi Solaire', as he upholds his reputation as a DJ who always has sunshine during his open air sets, even if it's raining the rest of the day.

On the Blue Floor, Loco Dice started the party and from 2 p.m. on, Pokerflat mastermind Steve Bug took over the sceptre of the House king. After that, Ricardo Villalobos - the well-acknowledged expert for unrestrained commitment to music - was sending the finest of House music through the speakers for the rest of the night.


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Green & Blue 2004

After the event had started off with the 4th place in the category Best Event in Groove magazine's reader's poll in 2003, the promoters had a reputation to loose, and on September, 5th in 2004, the time had come.

Again on a Sunday and again at the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen, Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Andre Galluzzi, Tobi Neumann, Richard Bartz live, Frank Lorber and Dorian Paic were inviting to dance, relax, swim and chill at the lawns of the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen. The event was improved significantly, as the ticket now included local transportation, more parking lots were designated and together with the partner radio station YouFM, a weather hotline was installed, so that all visitors who were still on their way could inform themselves about the weather conditions and the atmosphere on-site.

The after hour took place at Offenbach's most wanted Robert Johnson club and behind the scenes, the promoters are already working on the Green & Blue Open Air 2005.


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Green & Blue 2003

The first Green & Blue Open Air with Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, Meat and Dorian Paic took place at the Atlantis Waldschwimmbad in 2003.

Prior to this, talks with the city of Obertshausen, where Sven Väth was born, have been made. The town fathers wanted to include the biggest son of the city in the celebrations of the 1200th anniversary of the city's founding, and the idea of a daytime open air party was born rather quickly. When it came to the location of the event, Sven remembered the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen, where he learned swimming when he was a little boy.

After a relatively short period of preparation, the first guests of the event flocked to the wonderful open air site on the edge of the woods on September, 7th, and took over the lawns and pools. More than 4000 people experienced a marvellous late summer Sunday with music of the finest, and when the terrific fireworks caused a warm goosebumps feeling at the end of the day, it was already clear that this event would also take place in 2004.


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