Green & Blue 2012 // Green Floor

Green & Blue 2012 // Green Floor

Green Floor - Line Up

Sven Väth (Frankfurt, Germany)

With more than 30 years experience as a DJ, label owner, promoter and ambassador of the arts, Sven Väth is one of the most important protagonists of German music culture and one of its most respected ambassadors abroad.


Dubfire (Washington, USA)

As one-half of the legendary electronic partnership, Deep Dish, Dubfire has won Grammys, released hit singles, remixed music’s biggest names and rocked the world’s most respected venues. The beginning of his solo career in 2006 didn’t lessen his success: his first tracks ’I Feel Speed’, ‘Roadkill’ and ‘Ribcage’ came as a bombshell. They were followed by remixes and productions on respected labels like Cocoon, Get Physical, Minus, Rekkids or his own label SCI+TEC.


Dominik Eulberg (Bonn, Germany)

"More flesh to the bones", this is his motto. In times of skeletonized diet-techno this is an indispensable estimation more than ever. In 2007 Dominik was awarded the "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" for his second album "Heimische Gefilde", with which he achieved a lot for the generation-spanning acceptation of techno. He repeatedly obtained front positions at readers polls of the magazines groove, Raveline and De:Bug.


Paul Ritch live (Paris, France)

The name Paul Ritch echoes around the world. His productions and live sets, charged with pure adrenaline and characterised by his powerful, harmonic, and deep techno, have made him the holder of a unique mark of sounds in which his passion and power transmit numerous memorable music moments.


Daniel Stefanik (Leipzig, Germany)

The playful multifaceted-nous, mental impact and nerdy aesthetic of his musicals put different stylistic facets to: dub, house, techno, minimal-, & maximalist tonal imagery, in addition to the Detroit bow each with weight and pitch as an adjustable parameter, seeping into the Stefanik-esque production – a script without rigid limits!

Green & Blue 2012 // Blue Floor

Green & Blue 2012 // Blue Floor

Blue Floor - Line Up

Ricardo Villalobos (Berlin, Germany)

Ricardo was born in Chile and grew up in Germany, he currently lives in Berlin. He’s one of the most solicited Djs worldwide and a renowned musician.


Loco Dice (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Dice’s innate understanding of people: what they sense, what they feel, what they want to imagine, is a part of what distinguishes him from other DJs. He’s very aware when playing in Ibiza of the multiplicity of nationalities that are gathered there, the morass of different desires to be catered to. His inner film scriptwriter makes him capable of translating sounds and kicking it like a local, whether it’s in Naples or in New York. Loco Dice is similarly capable of inspiring, of creating that heady atmosphere that can only be experienced in a crowd of thousands.


Josh Wink (Philadelphia, Germany)

As a DJ, Josh Wink extensively has traveled the globe since 1995 – playing every festival that counts, through to the smallest and underground venues around the globe. Taking trends, making trends and breaking trends, Josh Wink’s music has always experimented and influenced. . “The Best DJ experience is being able to create an audio atmosphere where an audience can absorb from me, while I get absorbed from them.”


Guy Gerber live (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Guy Gerber has always been comfortable as an outlier. From being the rock kid at the rave, to the Israeli DJ on the European club circuit, to the electronic producer with a fetish for live instruments, he tends to skirt the edge of whatever scene he's in. It's a position that suits him well––so far it's led to dozens of lush, melodic records, an ever-evolving live act and his own label, Supplement Facts. This nonconformist attitude, combined with the emotional content of his art (so rare in today's electronic music), explains how Gerber keeps his audience locked in, be it on record or on stage.


Henrik Schwarz (Berlin, Germany)

Over the last years with international bookings all around the globe, with regular appearances in Japan, America etc. Henrik improved his HENRIK SCHWARZ LIVE show and is now one of the most requested live acts in the dance scene. At the same time Henrik produced a string of very well received remixes and own tracks: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES for Coldcut on Ninjatune became one of the biggest club hits of 2006, LEAVE MY HEAD ALONE BRAIN bridged the gap between Jazz and Techno and Soul and was super well received by Deejays from Hip-Hop to House to Techno and became the biggest hit for SUNDAY-MUSIC so far.


Robag Wruhme (Jena, Germany)

In 2011, Robag Wruhme returns – in the shape of his life. At first, he releases a mix CD on Kompakt entitled "Wuppdeckmischmampflow", which has even been overcome a few weeks later by his new album "Thora Vukk" on DJ Koze's Pampa label.