Payment Card

Payment Card


How to pay at Green & Blue – for guests who come from abroad and don't have a German Cash Card

The card requires a deposit of EUR 10,-, which will be returned to you on return of the (still functional) card at exactly those CocoonCash Card Loading Stations.



Auf dem Gelände leihbare GeldKarte

How much money can I load onto the card?

You can load EUR 200,- maximum on the cards.

What exactly has to be paid with the GeldKarte / CocoonCashCard on location?

Food & Beverage counters only accept GeldKarte / CocoonCashCard. Paying for usage of the lockers, cigarettes of mobile vendors and Cocoon Merchandise will be in cash. 

What about my deposit and the credit on the card once the event is over?

The deposit is returned to you as long as the card is still functionable.

The credit that is still loaded on the card when the event is over is also returned at the CocoonCash Card Loading Stations.

Is there a fee for loading and paying?

No, loading the card and paying at the F&B stands is totally free of charge, so all the money that you load onto the card can be used.

How can I check my CocoonCash balance and financial transactions with it on location?

We will have devices with big screens installed at the main counters which make it possible to review an entry. Also we will have pocket reading devices installed at the counters which you can use to check the balance on your CocoonCash card and review the last 5 transactions.  

Apart from that you can always ask staff at the bars and at the GeldKarte / CocoonCashCard loading terminals for information.