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27/06/2017 • Events
Cocoon Formentera 2017

Cocoon Formentera 2017

COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA  29th June 2017

We told you there would be bliss last week and Hunter/Game duly provided it with the silky help of Roberto Navarro. It was the perfect way to move on from that massive Monday at Amnesia where both Sven and Ricardo were firing on all cylinders on a classic Cocoon Monday.

Already number 3 and it has a regal feel to it :

And here he is, the undisputed middleweight champion of Cocoon Tipic rolls onto the small island for the first time this season fresh from headlining the main room at Amnesia on Monday. This is an ongoing love affair that has produced already so many scintillating Thursday nights that the fizzy fans of Ilario will be pouring in when the doors open. If you have not seen him play here you really must

We cannot get enough of the emerging Cesar - quite simply he plays great music and we defy you not to be shaking your bones the moment he gets things rolling on this 3rd night of Cocoon Tipic.

How we love this party. A meet up, a catch up and a proper dance in a beautiful place. What more do you want as July approaches ?