News COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA 3rd August 2017

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02/08/2017 • Events
Cocoon Formentera 2017

Cocoon Formentera 2017

COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA  3rd August 2017

It was a triple header unusually at Tipic last Thursday but apart from that nothing much was different. Everyone sailed around happily in this weekly bubble that is only ever good news. It really is a little treasure this gig and a key reason is Ilario Alicante. At his imperious best and sporting a grin from ear to ear he just absolutely ransacked the place. Just please catch him here one day, you will never regret it.  Pisetzki Live was direct and to your points and Maurizio is just a diamond.   Another night of undiluted fun from the very start.

This Thursday we present you something a touch different:

On an absolute roll is Nastia. Fresh from yet another festival appearance catch her on a Thursday special before it is too late. She will be back in the main room of Amnesia for us in September but why wait? This is an artist you need to see in the flesh and listen close. Nastia is doing something a bit different and here is a chance to examine all her angles from close range

And to set it all up a favourite new name of ours - and well named he is. He not only knows the right people he plays sweeping swoony music we think you will swallow whole...... Thursdays with Cocoon

It is number 8 already alreadier.  Join us on the 3rd