News COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA 6th July 2017

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05/07/2017 • Events
Cocoon Formentera 2017

Cocoon Formentera 2017

COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA  6th July 2017
It was an Alicante Thursday last week   for the first time in 2017 and the atmosphere was Balearic but, as always with Ilario, the best sort of Italian twists and turns are included along with a crowd that just lap it up. Cesar Vinzent made sure everything was ready. Class in a classy club …

Number 4 then and more music that is going to sound so very right here :

There are plenty of duos out there nowadays. These two Adrians finish each others sentences and behind the decks there is the sort of chemistry that fast tracks careers and from our point of view produces finely tuned sets of music that take all your attention. Because you got sucked on to the dancefloor immediately

Our first FDEZ and is long overdue. Exquisite taste and oh those boyish looks. Come early and feel effervescent very very quickly  
It is July. Formentera is beckoning. Make a plan that involves this delicious island and make sure it includes a Thursday.