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03/07/2017 • Events
Cocoon Ibiza 2017

Cocoon Ibiza 2017

COCOON IBIZA  - 3rd July 2017

We surfed through the 5th week already can you believe ? Every year this happens, time wisps and wanders away. We try and keep our feet on the ground and focus but last week was Sven and Acid Pauli on the terrace. Could not miss that – or Ilario, Josh Wink or Konstantin over the way

No easier this week, the number 6 :

On the terrace :


For the first time this year your only distraction from a full night with the guv´nor is the juicy interlude below. All night long means what it says. Jog down to Amnesia soon after 12 and the man himself will be waving records around and getting things on the road. You can choose a big fat space on the dancefloor and really get to know your chauffeur for the night, a fabulous driver


We specialise in this. Every season we slot in for your dancing pleasure the artists that bring something different live and direct to the table. Cocoon veteran Ame is the perfect insertion into a Sven All Night Long. Do not miss, his only live set for us this season

In the main room :


Little needs to be said here. So consistently brilliant these last many months on a global warming basis yet we reserve the right to be biased and say that his Monday night sets in Amnesia are just so judderingly good. Furthermore they seem to evolve, to interlink. This is Adam Beyer in the main room for Cocoon and please jump on board


The first of 2 dates for Nastia in Amnesia with us and quite right to. A proper flagbearer for hardnosed yet rhythmic techno with a twist. A Dj with panache. Keep your eyes open in August. Cocoon Tipic in Formentera. You will want more Nastia


And also the first of two for Dana Ruh – which rhymes. And so does she. Music for the head , the heart and the feet. A blindingly good way to start a big night in the main room