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10/07/2017 • Events
Cocoon Ibiza 2017

Cocoon Ibiza 2017

COCOON IBIZA  - 10th July 2017

If you got down early last week you had that rare pleasure of a night, a whole night, with Sven Väth. It was a trip and a half that swayed and soared just like the crowd who also roared their approval for the riotous live set from Ame. Over the way Dana Ruh played a stunning opening set. The girl has wings, and Nastia had a fizzy crowd   
and Adam Beyer simply sprayed excellence. We have a king in the main room.

And how lucky you are because this 7th week, if history tells us anything, is going  to be one of this seasons monsters:

On the terrace :

Amazingly for the 2nd week running you can rock up to Amnesia as the doors are opening, waltz onto the terrace   and find some early evening vinyl being waved around and played by the guv´nor himself. In a repeat of one oft he biggest ever Cocoon nights last year as Sven will open for a bona fide big boy

Here we are then for the  2nd show from Richie, on the  terrace again, but this time with Sven kicking it off - a dream team that has never let us down. A glorious night of music and a night where you need to find a spot on the dancefloor and listen to masters at work. Richie is exclusive to Cocoon this year, make the most of it.

In the main room :



And welcome welcome Alex & Digby. Two gigs in two weeks coming your way from two of the brightest sparks out there. Sven was on the case early as you will know from the last two Sound oft the Season compilations. With a new album imminent we really must recommend more than ever an early arrival at the club on the 10th July.

A night of 2´s. For her second show this season Sonja takes a walk to her wild side and will be peppering the main room with her unique assaults on the senses. A new favourite fort he Cocoon masses and rightly so.

2nd main room headliner for Ilario this season as his star continues to ascend and this is just a part of a 2017 tour schedule that is practically as hectic as Sven’s. Make a point of investigating the reasons why. Thumpingly good

You are spoilt for choice